Shipping Information


Depending on the size of the items, the following shipping method will be used. Please note that our standard shipping refers to Parcel Services or Truck Freight unless specified otherwise in the product description.

Standard Shipping:Parcel Services
The selected parcel service (UPS, DHL, FedEx, or USPS) delivers your merchandise to your home or place of business and places it at the front area of your workplace or front door of your home. This service has weight and cube restrictions and not all of our items can move in this manner.

Standard Shipping: Truck Freight/Common Carrier
Most of the furniture we sell are simply too big or too heavy for a regular Parcel Services to handle. A trucking company (or commonly known as a common carrier) is the delivery method of choice for furniture. The carriers will only unload the furniture to the curbside or to the back of the truck. They will only deliver during business hours between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday by appointment. Please make sure that you have adequate help to move the furniture. Certain areas such as rural areas or areas with restricted delivery access might require special delivery arrangement and incur additional fees. Some examples include but not limited to: areas where smaller trucks are needed to do the delivery, island area that only accessible by boats.

Inspecting the Item During Delivery


All of the items that we sell are brand new in the box and packed well when leaving the warehouse. Please view the typical packaging of the items when leaving the warehouse.

Please note the box is in excellent condition without any dents

Stacked items on the pallete before wrapping. Note that the boxes are in good condition

Wrapped items on pallete ready for shipping!

For Standard Shipping
Please INSPECT the cartons (packaging) of your new furniture upon delivery of your order. If you notice any slight damage to the packaging that you think might not affect the furniture, please MARK it in the receipt or bill of lading with a clear description of the nature of the damage. If the cartons are severely damaged, please refuse the shipment and make a notation on the freight bill that there were visible damages. Your signature on the receipt is your acknowledgment that your merchandise is satisfactory and delivered as ordered. In the event that you order arrives damaged or if you have any concerns regarding any aspects of the delivery, please contact us immediately at 732-698-9221 for on-site resolution.
Please view some of the examples below:

Please note the box has some dents. Most of the time, the content is fine however you DO NEED to mark this on the delivery receipt

Damaged box. This is probably something that needs to be refused or at least noted in the delivery receipt that the box has some major damage

Another example of damaged box. This is probably something that needs to be refused or at least noted in the delivery receipt that the box has some major damage